onyx bracelet
onyx bracelet

Bracelet Onyx Sterling Silver / Custom-Made / Runway 833


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onyx bracelet
custom made leather bracelet

Onyx&Silver bracelet
Model : Runway collection No.833 for suit walking
Metal : Sterling silver 925, Diameter 5mm&3mm
Clasp : Sterling silver 925
Gemstone : Black onyx, Diameter 4mm
Cord : 49ply Bead Stringing Wire
Length of bracelet : Custom-Made for your style. Select the required option.
Weight : 7g
Place of Origin : Korea, Designed and Made by Cloisonnekorea

How to measure your bracelet size accurately
For accurate measurement of your bracelet size follow the simple steps below:
1. Measure the circumference of your wrist by wrapping a flexible tape measure around your wrist at a point just below the wrist bone. Then read off and record the measurement.
2. Alternatively wrap a thin strip of paper around your wrist just below the wrist bone and mark the paper where it overlaps with a pencil. Then measure the paper strip up to the pencil mark with a ruler and record the measurement.
3. Either of these two methods will give you an accurate measurement for the circumference of your wrist, to which you then need to choice your fitting style.

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